"I learned that God's love is the only thing that we need in our lives. Nothing else is going to make us happy, or satisfied. I learned that I could trust Him in the best times and the hardest times of my life."

~Sabrina, Girls' Home Resident

Boys Home Playing Basketball


WoodworkingAt The Fold we like having fun! Our program includes a variety of activities such as:

  • Hiking, biking, boating, swimming, skiing
  • Volleyball, basketball, baseball, tennis
  • Playing an instrument
  • Field trips to local attractions, shopping
  • Game and movie nights

Some of our life-skills include:

  • Reading, arts and crafts, sewing, crocheting
  • Baking, cake making
  • Community service projects, car maintenance, wood shop

While the specific activities change with the seasons and students, our goal is to provide a diverse range of experiences to keep teens growing and engaged during their time here.

Girls Home CrochetingIce Skating