"Though I had knowledge of the Lord before The Fold, I was lost. But God, who is now my Great Shepherd, was working all the while, even when I was unaware."

~ Steve, Boys' Home Resident


Fold Teen with LambSince its conception, The Fold has always taken on a policy of never turning families away due to finances. Through fundraising efforts from churches, private donors, and foundations, we have developed a financial model which enables us to offer grants (scholarships) to families. Many of the families who have come to The Fold doubted they would be able to "make it work;" however, through the Lord's faithful provision and our support raising model, they were able to come and get the help they needed. Some families found it less expensive than the cost of other services their child was already using. Since the ministry provides housing, food, schooling, counseling and discipleship, and other basic needs, most families find their costs at home are reduced by what we provide.

Tuition is on a sliding scale depending on the family's income. Part of the application is a financial questionnaire. Using this, as well as a recent tax return, we determine the amount of financial aid we can offer. If the monthly amount is still too expensive, we can help you qualify for a low interest loan, which allows families to pay over time with monthly payments as low as $100. Normal tuition ranges between $675 and $3200 per month. We work with families to find a payment plan that they can afford. Also, some families receive help from their church, friends or family. Please call us at (877) 325-7519 for more information. Regardless of where you are coming from financially, our desire is to see how we can provide you with help.