"Though I had knowledge of the Lord before The Fold, I was lost. But God, who is now my Great Shepherd, was working all the while, even when I was unaware."

~ Steve, Boys' Home Resident

Boys' and Girls' Home with Staff

Guidelines for Admission

The Fold is a residential discipleship and counseling ministry. Our focus is on teens 13-17 years old who are experiencing significant hurts and are struggling with emotional and behavioral problems. Our mission is to help teens establish a relationship with Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord and embrace their identity in Christ, so that they can experience healing of their wounds and victory over their destructive emotions and behaviors. The teens attend school year round and must be at least at a sixth grade academic level to enter the program. Our program is a voluntary one, meaning that a teen CANNOT be placed here by a third party without the teen's consent. We firmly believe that real change cannot happen unless the teen is able to see the need to change and has a desire to do so. We ask that the parents play an active role in the process by attending parent seminars and by consistently implementing structured guidelines for the teen during quarterly home visits.

Common behaviors & characteristics observed in young people who enter our program:

  • Repeatedly makes poor choices when faced with peer pressure.
  • Difficulty expressing their emotions in a healthy way.
  • Little or no respect for authority.
  • Experienced some form of physical, emotional or sexual abuse in the past.
  • Difficulty performing well in school due to behavioral issues or learning disabilities.
  • Teens who have received diagnoses of various kinds (including depression, bi-polar, ADDHD, ODD, etc.), and been prescribed behavior medication.
  • Experimented with drugs & alcohol, but not chemically dependent.
  • Struggle with self-mutilation or eating disorders.
  • Come from homes struggling with divorce, death, a parent in jail, or other traumatic events.
  • On probation or have been in other programs.

Behaviors and characteristics in young people that we are NOT equipped to deal with:

  • Not desiring our help or recognizing a need to change.
  • Chemically dependent upon drugs or alcohol.
  • Suicidal.
  • Expressed extreme physical aggression toward peers or others.
  • Girls who are pregnant.
  • Requiring extensive medical care due to serious medical conditions.
  • Behavior requiring extensive supervision or a 24-hour lock down facility.
  • First language is something other than English.
  • In state custody (including teens adjudicated as "sex offenders").

If you have any questions about a particular issue that is not covered above, you can give us a call at the office (877) 325-7519 from 9-4:30 Monday-Friday.