"Before I came to The Fold I didn't think God existed. Now I know God not only exists, but He loves me perfectly and is faithful and trustworthy."

~Sabrina, Girls' Home Resident

Interview & Intake Process

  1. Interview and Intake ProcessThe first step in the interview process for a family is filling out the application. Download Application Please complete the application thoroughly and be sure to use the checklist on page 10 to confirm that you have completed all the steps. Also note that questions 15 B. and 18 are for your teen to fill out. Send the completed application and additional information by mail to the Admissions Coordinator c/o The Fold.
  2. After receiving the application and confirming that The Fold would be a good placement for the teen, the Admissions Coordinator will give you a call to either schedule an on-site interview or request missing information. This step normally takes a few days.
  3. The family comes on-site for a day to walk through the campus, meet the staff, and gain a better understanding of the ministry. The Fold staff meets with the parents and teen to make sure that we are a good fit for supporting the family. Before leaving the interview, you will know if your teen has been invited into the program.
  4. The teen (and family) is given a few days to decide if The Fold is right for them. The teen is given a specific day to call our office with his or her decision. If the teen calls and says, "Yes," an intake date is scheduled for the teen to start the program.