"I've learned who I am in Christ: I am not defined by my past. I am loved and saved by God...My life has gone from being a life full of lies and darkness to a life full of the love of Jesus Christ."

~Katie, Girls' Home Resident

Teacher and StudentSchool

The Fold's Cornerstone Christian School is a private school, operating year-round, specifically designed to meet the individual educational needs of each student. CCS utilizes nationally known Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) self-paced homeschooling curriculum in a tutoring environment and assists students in setting manageable goals. The student to teacher ratio is approximately 5:1, ensuring the individual attention each student needs. Often, students enter with partial credits and may be behind in subjects, but they can catch up or even move ahead while in the program. As a Vermont recognized independent school, CCS can award diplomas to students who successfully complete their high school education.