"Before I came to The Fold I didn't think God existed. Now I know God not only exists, but He loves me perfectly and is faithful and trustworthy."

~Sabrina, Girls' Home Resident

Feeding Lamb


Our purpose is to help families find hope and healing in Christ. We do this by teaching biblical truths that apply to everyday situations. Often these truths point to our new identity in Christ. We believe that God's word is true and transforming and that the young people's lives will take on new meaning and direction as they begin to understand their God-given value and who He is. We are not a program that proposes behavior modification as the solution. Instead, we believe that only God can transform our children's lives, our marriages and our families into the beautiful creations He designed them to be. We understand and agree that we desperately need Him to step in and do a mighty work. The Fold supports families in this process as we walk alongside them.

Boys Home KitchenWe accomplish our philosophy in various ways, the most obvious being in our Girls' and Boys' Homes. Each home is set up to look and function like a family. Houseparents role model caring authority and protection to the children. They provide safety through routine and structure, but also in grace and forgiveness. Additionally each home has staff (Resident Instructors) who function as mentors and role models for the teens. "Each day is a new day," we often say as we provide teens with safe opportunities to learn, grow and even make mistakes. Staff and teens experience day to day life together in many ways. Examples include: life skills, counseling, discipleship, community service, building relationships within the home and lots of fun activities. We take every opportunity to "love on" the teens in the program and teach them the great rewards of pursuing God's greater plan for their lives.

Fold GraduationSchool at The Fold also has an integral part in the teens' healing and development, which is why we have owned and operated our own school since 1984. Many of our young people, prior to entering The Fold, have found school to be a place of difficulty, stress and failure. Our solution is to combine the nationally known ACE self-paced homeschooling curriculum to meet the educational needs of our teens on an individual basis, with teachers who care about the hearts and lives of the students. This allows us to assist each teen in setting manageable goals that they can achieve, to provide not only an opportunity for the teens to learn and excel at school, but also a safe environment for them to continue the healing process.