"I knew I needed a change (what I really needed was a heart change!) and that process began when I made the decision to enter The Fold."

~ Casey, Resident

Teen with StaffWhat Makes The Fold Unique

The Fold provides a unique experience for families who are looking for help. Along with counseling, discipleship, education and life experiences for teens, we also offer training, encouragement, fellowship and genuine relationships with parents. We do this with love and grace.

Other aspects that set us apart:

  • Voluntary Program: We look for and value the teen's commitment to the program.
  • Year-Round: Teens can start the program throughout the year.
  • New Identity: Teens are viewed not on the basis of what they’ve done, but who they are in Christ, giving them a fresh start.
  • Parent Involvement: We seek to bolster and support the parents through prayer, communication and seminars. Parents are actively involved in their child's healing and growth through letter writing, phone calls and quarterly home visits.
  • Committed Staff: Our staff minister to the teens as an out-flow of their own relationship with Jesus.
  • Low Student to Staff Ratio: Our homes have a student to staff ratio of 2 to 1, while our school has a ratio of 5 to 1.
  • School: Our private school is specifically designed to meet the individual educational needs of each student.
  • Privately Funded: The Fold raises more than 75% of its operating costs through donations and grants to lower the program's cost for families.