"Before I came to The Fold I didn't think God existed. Now I know God not only exists, but He loves me perfectly and is faithful and trustworthy."

~Sabrina, Girls' Home Resident


  • Support for the Entire Family: We support parents through seminars, family counseling and frequent communication about their child’s progress in the program. We work closely with parents over home-visits as the teen reintegrates.
  • Year-Round Schedule: Teens can start the program throughout the year.
  • Expert Staff: Our team members have extensive training in counseling and social work and are certified in Crisis Prevention and Intervention. In the Home, our staff to student ratio is 2:1. In the school, our staff to student ratio is 5:1.
  •  Accredited High School Program: Our academic program is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools, providing students the opportunity to continue their studies and even earn a high school diploma. The program at Cornerstone Christian School is individualized for each student, based on the entrance evaluation and continuing assessments until their graduation date. Most students live at The Fold between 12 and 21 months.
  •  Exceptional Value: We believe our comprehensive program offers an outstanding value at a very reasonable cost. For those families who cannot afford the full tuition, we offer generous scholarship aid provided by our donors and alumni.