"Trials still came and will always come, but now I know how I should handle them. I saw the evidence that God was starting to clean up my life. One of the key verses for me, especially during these trials, has been James 1:2-4, because it talks about the fruit of the trials. It builds an unbreakable perseverance."

~ Jon, Boys' Home Resident

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"Too often we view giving as a chore that ought to be done rather than as an opportunity to be a steward who is rich toward God and a living image of His generosity." – Revolution in Generosity

Partnering with The Fold financially can take many different forms:

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Stock & Employer Matching Gifts

Stock Gifts: Do you want to give a stock gift and avoid capital gains taxes while ensuring the future of The Fold? The Fold can facilitate these types of gifts for you.

Employer Matching Gifts: Companies around the country are willing to partner with their employees in giving to non-profit organizations like The Fold. The Fold is a 501©3 corporation which many employers are willing to support. If your employer has a matching gift program, you can increase the impact of your gift to The Fold by participating.

Participate in our Honor or Memorial Plan:

Is there someone in your life that you want to honor with a special gift? Perhaps there is a special day coming – a birthday, Mother’s day, a holiday, etc. Maybe someone has impacted your life in a significant way and you want to do something special to honor them. Give a gift to The Fold in their honor.

"I want to give the amount indicated below, In Honor of..."

When a loved one passes away, you want to do something to remember them for the impact they had in your life. There is no better way to do that than to give a gift to The Fold, where their life will continue to impact the lives of teens and families who are walking through the process of healing, transformation and embracing Christ as their life.

Planned Giving:

If you would like more information about including The Fold in your will and/or other forms of planned giving, please contact Emily Larkin.

Wish Lists

If you would be interested in purchasing currently needed items for our Girls' Home and Boys' Home, please contact Emily Larkin. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.