"I knew I needed a change (what I really needed was a heart change!) and that process began when I made the decision to enter The Fold."

~ Casey, Resident

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Spring 2015 - A Safe Place to Heal

Spring 2015 NewsletterEarly adolescence is an especially vulnerable time for teens and their families. Young people in this stage of life need positive and stable relationships with adults who can help them safely navigate this crucial development period. But, too often, they are more influenced by peers and a media culture that promotes destructive behaviors. At The Fold, we’re seeing this happen earlier than ever before.

Winter 2014 - Hope Renewed, Families Restored

Winter 2014 NewsletterHere in northern New England, Vermonters are preparing for a long winter. We know that from the time the autumn leaves fall to when the grass is green again, there will be a long absence of warmth and sunshine. But we also know that spring is coming! Absence is often necessary for the blossoms of renewal to appear. This Christmas, teens are returning home for a two week break after an 11 week term at The Fold. Despite the challenges of being away from home, our teens have emerged stronger and brighter than ever. They are looking forward to a Christmas this year marked by peace and understanding instead of conflict and confusion.

Fall 2014 - A Day at Cornerstone Christian School

Fall 2014 NewsletterA day at Cornerstone Christian School, The Fold’s on-site private high school, includes laughter, learning, and relationships. Students take classes in a unique setting that lets them work at their own pace and receive help in the areas where they struggle the most.

Summer 2014 - With God Leading Me

summer 2014 NewsletterIt’s graduation season at The Fold! This August we say goodbye to three of our Girls’ Home residents as they graduate from the Cornerstone Christian School. If you knew these girls today you might find it hard to believe they weren’t always the friendly, lovable, joyful trio they are now. But for Ashley, Sarah, and Stephani, life before The Fold was filled with pain and challenges, especially their experience in school.

Spring 2013 - Embracing The Truth

Spring 2013 NewsletterWho am I really and am I living out of my true identity? The scriptures are packed full of exciting truths of what God has done in us and wants to do through us. Our Spring Newsletter features Chris' testimony. A recent graduate of The Fold, Chris has discovered biblical answers to the hard questions of identity. We have had the privilege of seeing his life be transformed as he embraces the truth of Jesus!