"Trials still came and will always come, but now I know how I should handle them. I saw the evidence that God was starting to clean up my life. One of the key verses for me, especially during these trials, has been James 1:2-4, because it talks about the fruit of the trials. It builds an unbreakable perseverance."

~ Jon, Boys' Home Resident

Recommended Reading

ReadingFor Parents
Boundaries with Teens [Dr. John Townsend]
At Risk: Bringing Hope to Hurting Teenagers [Scott Larsen]
The Ministry of Nurture [Duffy Robbins]
Understanding Today’s Youth Culture [Walt Mueller]
Parents in Pain [Dr. John White]
Kids in Crisis [Ross White]
The Five Love Languages of Teens [Gary Chapman]
The Power of a Parent’s Words [H. Norman Wright]
Sticky Faith [Chap Clark, Kara Powell]

Self Injury
Hope and Healing for Kids who Cut: Learning to Understand and Help Those who Self-Injure [Marv Penner]
Cut: Mercy for Self Harm [Nancy Alcorn]
Beyond Cut: Real Stories, Real Freedom [Nancy Alcorn]

Eating Disorders
Starved: Mercy for Eating Disorders [Nancy Alcorn]

Trapped: Mercy For Additions [Nancy Alcorn]

Sexual Abuse
Violated: Mercy for Sexual Abuse [Nancy Alcorn]
Rid of My Disgrace: Hope and Healing for Victims of Sexual Assault [Justin and Lindsey Holcolm]

Personal Growth/Self Care
Practicing the Presence of God [Brother Lawrence]
Hinds Feet on High Places [Hannah Hurnard]
Dangerous Wonder [Mike Yaconelli]
Soul Talk [Larry Crabb]
The Cure [John Lynch]
Bondage Breaker [Neil Anderson]
Classic Christianity [Bob George]
The Gift of Forgiveness [Charles Stanley]
The Power of the Blood Covenant [Malcolm Smith]
Victory Over The Darkness [Neil Anderson]
Healing Life’s Deepest Hurts [Edward Smith]
Understanding People [Larry Crabb]

For Youth Workers
Help! My Kids are Hurting: A Survival Guide to Working With Students in Pain [Marv Penner]
A Youth Worker’s Guide to Parent Ministry [Marv Penner]
The Youth Worker’s Guide to Helping Teenagers in Crisis [Rich Van Pelt and Jim Hancock]
Life Hurts…God heals [Doug Fields, John Baker, Megan Hutchinson]

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