"I learned that God's love is the only thing that we need in our lives. Nothing else is going to make us happy, or satisfied. I learned that I could trust Him in the best times and the hardest times of my life."

~Sabrina, Girls' Home Resident

Fold Staff Fall Photo

What Staff Are Saying


What Staff are Saying about Serving Teenagers

"I love doing different activities with the boys; just interacting and having fun with them while at the same time, being encouraging and speaking truth into their lives. It's certainly challenging emotionally and spiritually, but it's more than worth being a part of their growth process. Through this, I feel God testing me and teaching me to operate out of his strength instead of my own and preparing me to be head of my own family one day."

- Scott, Resident Instructor

"God often uses struggles within the lives of the residents to highlight areas that He desires to stretch and grow me. He uses the intensity of this ministry to refine you day by day and step by step as you rely on His power and strength to work and sustain the home (Col. 1:27-28)."

- Jenny, Resident Instructor

"Working at the Fold is a place where you get to see change and growth happen right in front of your eyes. I have seen more light bulb moments than I can count. These moments make everything worth it. The moments when you take them on an adventure, teach them a new skill, the moments when they see God in a new way and experience the depth of his love. These are the moments you don’t trade for anything."

-Elisabeth, Assistant Home Director

What Staff are Saying about Living in Community & Personal Growth

"Serving at the Fold changed my life. I love working at the Fold because it is a community of believers committed to God's best for families, staff, and students. I came as a single girl just out of college to help girls out of their pain. I found my own healing and growth in the Lord as God challenged me in trusting him to speak words of healing to hurting people. I continue to grow as I daily trust God to provide in every crisis and gain wisdom as I watch families wrestle with God's truth."

-Holly, Teaching Principal

"I love the genuine fellowship among staff at The Fold. I am surrounded by friends who encourage me to live out of the Lord's strength. This is not just a job, this is a Christ-centered community. This kind of atmosphere cannot fail to affect the residents by demonstrating Christ's love through positive relationships."

- Arielle, Resident Instructor

"I love the positive family environment. My brothers and sisters in Christ at The Fold challenge, encourage and inspire me. What a blessing to work in a place where people genuinely care about each other!"

- Elizabeth, Admissions Coordinator

"The Fold is a place where human needs go 'toe to toe' with God's immoveable truths. Both staff and students alike are urged to take God's Word to heart and decide to trust Him each day. I was grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside spiritually hungry co-workers who are passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of young people."

-Dennis, former Boys’ Home Counselor