"I knew I needed a change (what I really needed was a heart change!) and that process began when I made the decision to enter The Fold."

~ Casey, Resident


Do you have a heart to reach out to hurting teens and families?
Do you desire to minister through deep personal relationships?
Are you missions minded with a desire to reach people with the Gospel?
If so, then The Fold might be the place for you.

At The Fold, we are all about getting the good news of the Gospel out to hurting families and teens. We believe there is no better way to live life than in Jesus. As a staff member you would share in helping others find Jesus as Life.

Who We Serve

The Fold serves hurting teens and families primarily, but we are also a resource for the local community and body of believers. Our desire is to use our God given gifts and talents to minister to those around us, both within and outside the church.

How We Serve

Jesus lived with His disciples as a role model of the Christian walk. The disciples could ask tough questions and observe Christ as He demonstrated ways of seeing life from a faith perspective.

At The Fold we use the same strategy. Our staff members draw on their own past experiences and daily challenges as learning opportunities, teaching the residents about God's truth and directing them toward Jesus.

This method of ministry has two results: residents are instructed and supported, while staff also grow in the Lord.

Whether you're being called to full-time ministry or a season of service, The Fold is a great place to learn and grow.

We are Looking For:

  • The Fold hires staff from a variety of educational backgrounds, with requirements specific to each position, and considers relevant experience.

  • The Fold is an intense incarnational ministry, and therefore requires staff members to be spiritually mature and emotionally healthy. Staff members continue to actively grow in each of these areas throughout their time serving at The Fold.

  • The Fold looks for staff members who are energetic, compassionate, flexible, fun-loving, empathetic, trustworthy and steadfast.
  • Staff members must be able to wholeheartedly engage in the Christ-centered and growth oriented culture at The Fold, realizing that each person brings unique and valuable strengths and perspectives to the group.

  • Due to the nature of the ministry, staff members must be able to approach issues that carry great spiritual, emotional heaviness.