"Before I came to The Fold I didn't think God existed. Now I know God not only exists, but He loves me perfectly and is faithful and trustworthy."

~Sabrina, Girls' Home Resident

Fold Family Ministries Staff

Staff Positions

We are currently staffing the following ministry positions.

Residential Staff

In Home ActivityServe the Lord as part of an effective Christ-centered team, sharing the love of God with our residents, modeling for them how to begin and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The residential team, in coordination with the counseling staff, assists each young person through an individualized plan. Each plan is tailored to promote emotional healing and encourage spiritual growth, while developing problem-solving skills for daily life. Our residential staff live in the homes. The daily routine and responsibilities of home life, as well as school, church, and various social activities, provide the setting for your ministry. Sharing the love of Christ with the young people is always a privilege and an adventure in faith. This experience will challenge you and allow God to use your gifts, strengths, and even weaknesses to reach others with His love. Residential staff positions include House Parents and Resident Instructors.


Staff Cross Country SkiingServe a short-term apprenticeship designed to provide experience and exposure to our unique model of residential discipleship ministry. Interns are immersed in home life, shadowing our full-time staff. They live in the home where they participate in the daily routine, staff meetings and training. Internships are designed to last between 6-8 weeks and are an excellent opportunity for students to fulfill their field service requirements, while gaining valuable experience. Internships can occur at any time during the year. It is not a paid position but room and board is provided. Historically, the intern program has been an effective stepping stone to a full-time position with the ministry.


Cornerstone Christian School TeacherAlong with our discipleship program in the homes, The Fold also provides a complete educational program through our school, Cornerstone Christian School. The school primarily serves our residents, and the teacher to student ratio averages 1:5. Many of our young people arrive at the ministry behind in their studies and often struggle with various learning disabilities. They need lots of personal attention, so we utilize a home school curriculum that allows us to create individualized programs for each student. This optimizes the opportunities for academic achievement and development. Along with basic school responsibilities, our teachers are also trained in the same Christ-centered discipleship principles as our residential staff. Teaching at The Fold is a great opportunity for anyone who enjoys a tutoring and mentoring environment. A teaching certificate is beneficial, but not required. The curriculum is recognized by the state of Vermont and we are able to graduate students with a high school diploma.

Leadership, Support, and Administrative Opportunities

Fold Family Ministries Staff Meeting

In addition to the basic roles of residential staff and teacher, The Fold also offers many opportunities in leadership, ministry support, and administration. Leadership roles require a certain amount of experience and education. Support roles require certain basic skills and work experience and include positions such as facilities maintenance, computer support, bookkeeping and administrative roles.